Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Mike and I did for the long weekend.

We went to Jackson Hole.
We always take a drive to see the mountains. They are so beautiful.

But the rest of the time was spent...

Just keep reading to see what we did!


Every time we go to Jackson Hole we go to the candy store on the East side of Main Street. On our way to the store Mike and I had a little conversation. It went like this...
Mike (very enthusiastically): There's the candy store, Yippy-I-O."
Suzi (somewhat taken aback): "Yippy-I-O? You must be pretty excited."
Mike: (points to the candy store.)
Suzi: "oh."
This is what I saw when I looked where he was pointing.

Here are some of the delectable things we saw in the store.

Mike surveying the goods. He is pretty delectable!

Mike always gets Fudge. He got the Amaretto. was Valentine's Day!

Eating at Billy's

We ate lunch at Billy's home of the giant hamburgers...and it is the truth. Their hamburgers are HUGE! And very delicious. Their hamburgers are so big that you have to hold them with both hands to eat them. You have to open your mouth as wide as you can when you take a bite. You can put anything on the hamburger that you want, that they have. Their drinks are refillable, they have plenty of napkins sitting around, and you get to watch the cooks make your lunch!

Here are two of the guys that made our hamburgers. They look pretty serious in this picture but that is only because they are concentrating. The cook got an order for a cheese burger...hold the meat...."that's strange, " he said..."why not just order a cheese sandwich?"

You want something to put on your list of things to do before you die? Add eating a giant hamburger at Billy's.

Shopping at the Mangy Moose

At the Mangy Moose I discovered a new way to shop and avoid buyer's remorse...I took pictures of things....Here are some of the more interesting things we saw.
Of course they had a BUNCH of moose things.

A grandma and her granddaughter were racing these.
The elephant wouldn't stay on task.

I'm not sure, but I think something is missing.

Yeah, one more HOT FLASH, and I'm gonna!

He was selling cigars for a nickel.

Just wouldn't be right to leave without a bag of bear doo doo.

I think this is a guy thing.

Poor dead am-u-maul.

Where there is a dressing room...there is a mirror...
yeah, we were having fun!

shopping doesn't get any better than this.