Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Discovered Something Today

I couldn't work in the yard and garden like I planned today, because of two reasons:
1. My crash on Monday (you can scroll down and read about it) I was kind of sore.
2. It was cold and blustery.
I did try to work in my garden, but after moving 4 shovelfuls of dirt...
my toe and my finger hurt so I quit. AND...I talked to
Mr. Wilson over the fence until I was icy cold.
I still haven't warmed back up.
So I came in the house all forlorn and didn't know what to do. It pretty much hurt to do anything. Then I discovered something......

My webcam! My day got a bit brighter....

Good times!

How I Spent My First Day of Summer Vacation

I promised myself that on the first full day
of my summer vacation, I would spend the day
working in the yard.
I didn't want anything to spoil my day so
I decided to take some allergy medicine...
Benadryl by name... BEFORE I started working, so
my allergies wouldn't make me miserable.

Half way through mowing the yard I started to feel
weird. I went into the house and sat down...
When I woke back up it was 12:30 in the afternoon...
I forced my sluggish self back outside to finish mowing the lawn.

On Sunday, (two days later) Mike and I decided to walk to church.
We walked by our yard swing...Oh Wow!...I had no recollection of
doing it...

Apparently I just mowed around the swing...
let this be a lesson to all.
Never, never, never, use yard equiptment
while on pharmecuticals!
Benadryl by name.

What I Did on My First Monday of Summer Vacation

I crashed on my bike.
I was going DOWN Gwen Street.
For those of you who don't know
Gwen Street, think of Mt. EVEREST
only STEEPER.... I was going 45,000
miles PER HOUR!!! I should be dead.
Instead, I am just Maimed.
Grotesque, really.
Now, I can't wear a shoe on my
LEFT foot...I sprained by BIG-went-to-market toe.
Scratched the back of my LEFT leg, Scumed up my LEFT
knee, scraped my LEFT hip, and I am bearing a deep
purple BRUISE on the inside of my LEFT elbow.

My RIGHT side didn't escape either...
I lost Skinage on my PALM
under my little PINKY.
AND my pointing finger,
looks like a sausage...

I hope my WHOLE summer isn't like
these first two days!