Monday, September 14, 2009

I have been gone a long time.

Some of you may be asking, "where have you been?"
Well, the answer is not simple.
Let's just say, I have been busy." and call it good.
But, you might say, "What have you been doing?"
Then I would have to reply, "This":
22 bottles of peaches....
They are so beautiful.
And I have done 24 bottles of pears. They're beautiful also, but I was
too tired to take pictures.
I have been doing other stuff too.


  1. You HAVE been gone a looooooong time. I'm glad you are back. I was thinking today that I should call you to see if you can send some of our summer pictures my way. I don't need anything fancy, I just need some to update my blog. =) Maybe I should just call. This isn't really the best place to be asking. I should be commenting on your blog. The peaches are pretty. I bet the pears are too. I'm jealous. =)

  2. where did you take this picture? I don't recognize this as anywhere in the house. COuld you do me a favor and just post pictures of the house? Oh, and then rub an envelope on the couch and in the carpet until it smells like the house. Then I will look at your blog and smell the envelope at the same time, and I will trick myself into thinking that I am home again for a little while. Ok? Thanks, you're a doll.
    By the way, beautiful peaches. And also, welcome back. Blog more because I miss your face.

  3. Wow those are really yummy looking. I'm jealous of your canned peaches.

  4. I have missed you and glad that you are back. I think your peaches ARE beautiful!