Friday, May 29, 2009

Mother's Day Addendum

Thought you might like an update on my
mother's day present....and how the flowers are doing.

Here is a reminder of what they looked like. Look
at all the pretty colors!

Here is where I planted some of them.
In the front yard along the side of the driveway.

Here is what some of them look like close up.

The purple button flowers are hanging in there pretty good.
Remember the beautiful orange flowers?
(You can revisit my mother's day blog if you want to
see what they use to look like.....)
The blossoms were the first to go...oh saddness!
and the plant isn't looking so happy either....woe is me!
Can you say "transplant shock?"

This is the lemon bush. It use to have cute little bright
yellow flowers all over it...Hummmm where are the lemon-y flowers?
(Actually this plant got...shall we say, a bit thirsty in its container before
I planted it, so it is in the process of making a come back.)
As long as there is still green on it, there is hope!
My little white flower bush has done really well.
I just need to cut back the old flowers and see if new ones will
grow back. This one I call my "happy" flower bush, it is always

I'm not worried. They'll bounce back!

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  1. Suzi,
    I love your blog...who knows maybe one day soon I will get interested in sharing with everyone.

    Love you
    Big Sister