Saturday, September 19, 2009

Towels for Mom

My Mom LOVES hand towels that hook over the towel rack
or oven door and just hang there ready to dry a pair of wet hands.

UNFORTUNATELY when I went to see her,
ALL of her
hand towels were Trashed...


worn out

So, I made her some new ones!
they are....

so so cute
and just what my mommy needed!

Take a look for your self.

Here is Mom with some of her new towels.
She was

So here is the deal.
Each hand towel makes TWO towels.
I have extras...and what can I do with them?

I am having a free give away, (thought I would try it.
I am borrowing the rules from other people...thank you.)

Comment on this post for one entry
Link it and let me know for another entry. (To give you two entries.)
Do this by Midnight Sept. 24.
If I draw your name you will get three towels.
I will post the winner Sept 25.

I hope you win!


  1. I hope I win! I would install a rack in my kitchen just so I could hang them! Pick me, please? Also, I'm going to link, so put me in twice. I love you! Does that count for another one?

  2. I want to win! I will hang them on my oven door and Owyn won't be able to pull them off! I'll give you a link too and I love you too (If it counts for Jeigh it should count for me too!).

  3. I have to admit I have always thought those hangie towels were so old-fashioned and grooooss, but I am loving what you did with them! Sign me up!!

  4. mom! I want in on this! How do you link? quick somebody tell me! Also, I think after the give away, you should post a tutorial so we can all go to town with our sewing machines making old fashioned hand towels new again! oh, and I love you!

  5. Yes, I want to be included. Anything that you made I would love. FYI - I still have my bear.

    Love ya.

  6. I know Mom would have picked those towels too. I would love to have some to hang on my oven door so that my Grandkids can't pull them off. I'm not very good at winning things, but I am willing to try my luck!

  7. I love the solid blue one and the red one with the yellow/orangey flowers on top! I will post a link on my facebook status for your blog for my second entry...look for it!

  8. I am in desperate need of "cuteness" combined with "practicality" for my sad little kitchen!!

    Plus...I think you are the most AMAZING mom ever!!! Come on...that should give me a few extra am practically motherless...that should count for a few more points, eh???

    Won't you just adopt me and and make adorable little aprons for my kids too??? Carter would love them... :)

  9. Okay...I posted a link on my blog now! If I don't win I just might drive on down to Pokie and sit on your front steps with puppy dog eyes until you pat me on the head, feed me some milk and cookies, and send me home...

    ...with three adorably cute hand towels! he he!

  10. So now I know where you kids get it... and I always that it was Mike;).... I love these towels. Count me in!

  11. I love them! Amber told me about these!

  12. ok mom...I've mentioned your giveaway on my blog. Now will you please give me another entry? thanks, you're a DOLL!

  13. Oh my goodness, these are absolutely adorable! You should start an etsy shop! The orange and pink ones are the cutest!

  14. I am putting a plug in for Amber, as I was linked to your blog from hers, but I guess I can cross my fingers for myself, too! If Amber & Jeigh love you, then I can too, ha ha! (Russ & Rex are MY husband's cousins!)

    Actually, they are waaaay cute & you should sell them on Etsy or whatever. What a great idea-esp for a giveaway! Although I don't live in Idaho-does that really matter?